Adrian Leverkuhn

JO-HS Residency November-December 2021

Adrian Leverkuhn (b. 1980) is a multidisciplinary artist working and living in Lisbon and the U.S.. Leverkuhn finds his inspiration in the interplay of history, subjectivity, and what is currently known as complexity science, the collection of theories and conceptual tools used to study dynamic, non-linear systems. While his projects often employ video, sound, and software, painting remains central to his practice, as he considers it “the richest, most well-documented visual record in existence, no matter the hemisphere”. His work has been exhibited continuously since 2005 in North America and Europe.

Since 2017, Leverkuhn has been working on his “Fluid Alliances”, artworks standing at the intersection of software and painting. These self-contained electronic installations change continuously with no intervention and are designed to run permanently. Projected images of human bodies move and interact on their surfaces, computed in real time and driven by unique nondeterministic algorithms. The number of scenarios which can develop in each artwork is nearly infinite, the movements impossible to predict, and unlikely to ever repeat.

In 2020, Leverkuhn found a renewed interest in the works of the American Abstract Expressionists and their ideas of the sublime.