JO-HS Residency

At JO-HS we believe that providing a dynamic space for artists to work is an essential part of nurturing creative practices. Our residency at JO-HS CDMX provides residents with a studio space, an exhibition in our gallery space, an open studio day hosted by the gallery, an interview about your work in the residency which will be published by JO-HS, and professional photography of your work and you at work, among other opportunities. 

JO-HS Residency is currently by invitation only. 

JO-HS Residents

Kitty Rice
Ezra Cohen
Zahra Holm
Emil Sands

Emil Sands
Makan Negahban
Maya Fuhr
Molly Van Amerongen
Thea Yabut
Lotte Schäff
Meryl Yana
Nell Nicholas
Monica Rezman
Maria Vez
Mia Vallance
Rose Electra Harris
Frankie Tobin
Therese Regalado
Demit Omphroy
Neil Hamamoto

Cassandra Mayela
Anico Mostert
Melissa Ríos
Jack Mernin
Gabriela Maskrey
Rose Barberat
Antoine Lussier
Pearlyn Lii
Pedro Lavin

Katarina Janeckova
Rafael Jaén
Adrian Leverkuhn
María del Mar García Zavra