Pedro Lavin

JO-HS Residency March 2022

Pedro Lavin is a visual artist and filmmaker from Mexico City. His work explores self mythology, ritual and personal pantheons; weaving magical realism and oneiric fantasy with his own lived experience to create story. This aesthetic pursuit is rooted in themes of sex, gender and desire; the metamorphotic power of nature; and the primal link between the sacred and the profane. His multidisciplinary practice unfolds across a variety of artforms including drawing, digital collage, film, concept art, and general adversarial network (GAN) AI art.

Lavin’s work has been shown internationally in the Sundance Film Festival, Annecy Animation Film Festival, REDCAT Gallery; collected a Bronze Cannes Lion, won gold at ORION International Film Festival; and is a permanent part of Vimeo’s curated Experimental Film Collection. It has been covered by the New York Times, LA Times, Communication Arts Magazine, Fast Company and STASH Media.

Interview with Pedro ︎︎︎