Kitty Rice

JO-HS Residency May, 2024

The picture plain is where you play the dance of subject and object . The will is the subject or painter making the mark, to the contemplative objective where you receive the impression you have left on a surface in front of you. This is an idea of Neitzsche’s. He also states that understanding kills action so I was interested in digging and carving quite intuitively into the paint to find the compositions automatically rather than with a pre-planned image. The figures then evolve into defined and familiar forms like finding a recognisable face or shape in a cloud. The observed drawings of people around me become the cast members within the intuitive ecosystem I have carved out in the paint.

With this approach and philosophy in mind, I was considering the intimacy of Carravaggio’s foreground figures. I am interested in how Lisa Brice creates planes of depth, like dioramas and how light hits the bodies within those scenes. I was influenced by Luis Barragán's architecture and colours, while being so close to his houses in Mexico City. All of these influences are particularly concerned with light and intimacy which is a big focus for me in my work.

Kitty Rice (b.1991, UK) is a British painter currently working in south London. Having recently completed the post-graduate programm at the royal drawing school, her work explores themes of feminine strength as seen through a child’s eyes whilst considering the power of eradication and editing of an emotional history. Her work are made in watercolour and gouache washes considering the nature of filmic pixels whilst moving between two languages of memory, both blurry and hyper-real.

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