Zahra Holm

JO-HS Residency April, 2024

Zahra Holm (b.1989) Contemporary artist Zahra Holm is living and working between Stockholm, Sweden and Paris, France.
Zahra is fascinated by the human form, the main subject of her work. Her bold use of colour and curvaceous lines create striking compositions that reflect the beauty and power of the human body with a hedonistic approach. The forms are in resonance with her feelings and sensations, leaving an semi abstract impression which allows viewers to have their own unique and intimate relationship with the artist’s oeuvre.
Her colorful, gestrual brushstrokes are a manifestation of the artist’s subconcious and express the mirroring nature between the human soul and nature. Her link to nature is omnipresent. She believes that nature is part of our soul and body. In Zahra’s latest work, she delivers more intimate pieces full of symbolism and spirituality where movement and color are highlighted. They represent the body in motion as much as what’s happening inside the body, the mind.
The artist has exhibited in Paris, London and Mexico City. She has had numerous publications in magazines, medias in France and abroad: The book ‘Femmes d’Art’, Milk Magazine, Vogue Magazine, Vanity Fair, Ideat Magazine, among others. Zahra has collaborated with clients such as hotels, restaurants and brands worldwide and her list of private collectors is also spreading internationnaly.

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