Molly Amerongen

JO-HS Residency October 2023

Molly van Amerongen is a London-based abstract artist working in oil and acrylic paint, pigment and collage. She loves the richness of pigments, which create “colors without names.” Collage is also very important in her process; she incorporates elements from drawings into larger scale paintings. Her compositions aren't always conscious and she likes that there's an element of chance and 'the accidental' in her work. Each viewer can have their own interpretation and experience - pushing them to unexpected places.

Having spent long stints working and living in both India and Mexico, her interests lie predominantly with color and the stories it can tell. The artist explains: "Color can bring you back to a particular place, and it can create new continents, full of detail, allowing memory and imagination to interact." She is interested equally in the domestic and the exotic: in objects and in the spaces between them. She completed her BA in Fine Art at Newcastle University in 2015 and now works between her studio as a painter and as a freelance specialist-painter and set designer