Melissa Ríos

JO-HS Residency September 2022

Melissa Ríos’s artistic production focuses primarily on painting and drawing where she explores andcontemplates images and space from a feminine, literary, poetic and surrealist perspective, using the limits between figuration and abstraction as a stylistic resource. Her paintings aim to create visual and imaginary stories or narratives closer to a dream than to reality.

Full of great emotional and existential charge, as an exercise in self-knowledge and catharsis, which he shares in an intimate and almost personal way with the

Her academic training involves architecture and advertising design, in a multidisciplinary way he has developed parallel projects of art direction, internal space, product design, furniture and photography. She has recently exhibited individually at Galeria Cuarto 37 in 2021, San José, Costa Ricaand collectively at Valoarte 2020, San Jose, Costa Rica and “We Want to Paint,” Regional Museum of San Ramon, Costa Rica.

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