Rafael Jaén

JO-HS Residency October-December 2021

Rafael René Jaén Brillembourg is a painter who currently works from his studio in México City, México. Growing up in Venezuela with the influence of the South American Color Palette and traveling around the world, he has forged a strong link with Nature. As a result, he embraces Nature as an inspiration and centerpiece of his work and the study of human behavior. Transforming everything that exists within it, he depicts the Nature that surrounds us and the one inside his thoughts, the inner voice. Using powerful and dynamic colors, he has developed a very distinctive style of his own.

Studying human Nature is a fascinating way of gathering inspiration for my paintings. Observing the interaction between humans and Nature allows me to create a complete visual expression of that feeling. The power of the subject and the vibrancy of the colors transport your mind into places you didn't know existed. For me, Nature has the ability of awakening human intuition and exploring an individual's sensibility by connecting with one's inner energy.”