Anico Mostert

JO-HS Residency October 2022

Anico Mostert is a multi-disciplinary artist and printmaker from Cape Town. She graduated from Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town in 2017, where she majored in printmaking. Anico’s work speaks to the quiet moments of the everyday. Her approach to making is versatile, seeing her producing across ceramics, textile design, animation and painting. She allows her practice to be intuitive and exist as a process of learning and discovery, creating the space for vivid colours and coltish figures to find their place in paintings and prints. Anico uses reference images from social media to imagine still lifes of ordinary scenes, observing the elements of the medium for the artwork to determine itself. Each piece’s name occurs as Anico imagines what it would say if it could speak.

The works upend familiarity, reminiscent of home spaces, yet offering a surreal swing of imagery, where rooms are unpeopled and yet full of life and pictures of people are empty of objects. Her works exude a calm quietness, illustrating unexpected details and unassuming scenarios that verge on the mundane but are illuminated through her attention and careful colour choices. Anico’s work depicts still lifes, interactions and scenes that feel familiar and comforting but are also somewhat inverted and distorted to feel fresh and unexpected.

Interview with Anico ︎︎︎