Antoine Lussier

JO-HS Residency June 2022

Born in Montreal (QC), Antoine Lussier (He/Him) is a visual artist who lives and works in Montreal. His work resists the philosophies and practices of traditional photography while playing with the medium in a self-referential way. Antoine is currently completing his studies at Concordia University. His work has been presented in several group exhibitions in London, New York and Montreal. 

Antoine Lussier explores material and digital photographic resistance by working with methods of fragmentation, juxtaposition, distribution and duplication. Antoine's photographs are contemplative in their textures, details and abstractions. His photographs explore, through the transparency of his work, the errors and the chances he leaves intentionally behind. Traces and marks come to surface on his images, showing all the materials used, transformed and physically explored by the repetition, scanning and reframing he is constructing. These materials, used in an erroneous way, exist as a way to question their initial definition and to give new meanings to their non-functionality. The interventions, digital or not, create new tangible information that is transformed and that offers the viewer a space to question, imagine and represent new visual hypotheses. The rhythm of Antoine’s works flows between traditional photographic techniques, accidents and errors, and a simple curiosity that leads into new experimentations. Antoine's work focuses on the transformative power of photography and what it can offer.

Interview with Antoine ︎︎︎