Jack Mernin: Live Time

March 21 - April 25, 2024
121 Watts Street

JO-HS NY is thrilled to present a solo exhibition of paintings and works on paper by NY-based artist Jack Mernin. A short text by the artist accompanies the exhibition.

Live Time will be on view from March 21 until April 20th by appointment only. Schedule your appointment by emailing elisabeth@jo-hs.com

I began the work in this show years ago, just over a decade, when I began a consistent practice drawing from life, a practice adjacent to the large studio paintings, that often fuels and informs them.

I am drawn to painterly histories with a seen subject, with a synchronicity of histories, which emphasizes something actual, confronted, captured, with a photographer or diarist’s impulse to document.

Over the years there have been shifts to the works on paper.  Scale, material, subjects, themes vary, yet they have the same habitual consistency and motivation.

I want there to be a lived force embedded in the works, a devotion, a slow rigor that is hard fought, patient, and essential.

There is joy in making these things, there is joy in my surroundings, through the people I love and cherish, through the cohorts that are formed and driven by odd creative compulsions.

There is sadness as well, as they remain detached, solipsistic, and isolated as gestures.

There is the potential to correct, next time, possibly.  We’ll see.

- Jack Mernin, 2024

Installation views

Artist’s Biography

Jack Mernin (b. 1991, Pennsylvania) is an artist who divides his time between New York City and Belleville, PA. Mernin received his B.F.A from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2014.

Mernin works through an inspirational image or encounter, pushing representation to the very limits of legibility and harnessing the unwieldy significance of gesture. He uses watercolor, ink, and graphite on paper to develop these inquiries into form, gesture, and meaning making. Works of art in their own right, Mernin’s works on paper offer insight into the many moments of perception, representation, and meaning-making that accumulate while he gestates his larger paintings.

Mernins’ large-scale paintings present translations of visual encounters accumulated over time. Resisting full representation or abstraction, Mernin’s fragmentary forms collide and muddle until a surprising image inadvertently reveals itself. Dynamic color relationships absorb spontaneous structures, establishing seductive, unstable compositions that both command and retain attention.

Recent solo exhibitions include Still Wants in Motion, JO-HS NY (2023), Lilies and Parable, Trotter&Sholer NY (2021), Future Novel, Trotter&Sholer NY (2020), Every Now and Again, Altro Mondo, Manila (2019) and Lansgage, Kanto Gallery, Manila (2018).

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